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Suja Pisharody

Suja Pisharody is a mom to a 10 year old with Autism and Dyspraxia. She is a certified teacher and has worn many a hat including working in retail, training, books and publishing, freelance writing and of course teaching. She believes all of them were preparing her for the most challenging role of her life namely raising her son with Autism.

Her blog talks about how she & her husband are raising their son Dhruv keeping his challenges in mind. Most of the times her posts are positive while some may have real angst & some may make you smile. She believes Autism is not a death sentence and her aim is to spread Autism awareness. She also believes that people with Autism learn at a different pace & they can learn throughout their lives if they get the right opportunities.

Read her blogs here :

A Mom’s Tryst With Autism

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