Dance And Movement Therapy

Dance and Movement Therapy

Dance and Movement Therapy is a psycho therapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration of the individual. DMT has wide application in different areas. The basic principle of dance and movement therapy revolves around creating awareness of mind and body and connecting them together through movements.

Movements play a big role in shaping the brain and using it for a purpose. The basic principle of dance and movement therapy revolves around creating awareness of mind and body and connecting them together through movements. Music is also an integral part of this discipline and the therapeutic effect of music on human mind is not unknown. Application of dance and movement therapy on children with Autism aims at addressing the following areas:

  • Developing attention span
  • Awareness of self and other bodies in the environment
  • Orientation and coordination with other objects and bodies in the environment
  • Synchronized rhythmic movements develop higher cognitive functions of the brain
  • Developing social skills
  • Communication ( with an emphasis on importance of non verbal communication)
  • Developing gross and fine motor skills

Dr. Aditi Bandyopadhyay

Director of SAMYA DMT program

A voice from our Trainers & Volunteers

 Ananya Jana
Lawyer, Odissi Dancer

It gives me immense pleasure to share my thoughts about SAMYA Foundation. I have been associated with SAMYA since past 3 to 4 years and in the journey I have actually seen desires been converted in to reality. SAMYA believes in “Empathy, not Sympathy” and hence advocates for equal rights and opportunities for the people with special needs. In SAMYA we work as a family, a big fat family, where everyone is welcomed and encouraged. I feel absolutely privileged to be a part of the organisation and have Aditi Di as our mentor. Samya is like a second home to all of us. My heartiest good wishes to SAMYA Foundation to continue reaching out to people who need them the most. keep up the good work.

Annmary Tom
Model, Digital Creator, Dancer

Often we tend to ignore a small change but a journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. One such step for me was joining SAMYA 3 years ago. I hav always loved to be around children and SAMYA has undoubtedly provided me the opportunity to be with them as a friend and sometimes as a guide. It is of immense pleasure to witness SAMYA spreading its wings under the prolific guidance of our beloved Aditi Maam. It is here that I hav learnt that with honesty and determination every goal is achievable.


Priyanka Prasad
Diploma in DMT Trainee

Being a trainer at SAMYA for the past 4 years, working with children makes me happy and refreshes my mind and fills me with immense positive thoughts. I have realized that these children, adults and adolescence are beyond a neurotypicals intellect and hard work. At SAMYA our goal is to constantly increase their self-confidence and make them self sufficient so that they cane face any challenge that life throws at them  

Angelus Amy Mondal
Graphic Designer, Calligraphy Artist, Odissi Dancer

Being closely involved with SAMYA, initially as a volunteer and then gradually as a trainer for the past 3 years has been such a joyful process of growth and learning. As SAMYA grew from 50 children to 150+ participants today, spread around the city it also grew as one bonded family, and to be a part of it is nothing but a constant reminder that there are joys in things big and small.

Solanki Datta Roy
Financial Advisor, Odissi Dancer

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open”
It was indeed a happiest journey for me with Samya for last 3 years.
I feel fortunate to get an opportunity working as a volunteer. Each and every day seems to be so delightedly great with all the special ones out there.
I would like to show my sincere gratitude and loads of love to everyone with whom I interacted during this short period of time.
Again I sincerely wish Team Samya and all the little ones out there to gain the strength & Courage to overcome all negativety in life & to spread happiness.

Sriyanka Mukherjee
Financial Analyst, Freelancer Anchor.

On my very first day at SAMYA I felt so warmly welcomed by everyone out there. Gradually I became a part of it and truly the environment is full of positivity and hope towards good, no matter how hard life is. We can always win a tremendously hard journey if we have the correct motivation, support and love…and that’s what I have learnt from all the children and trainers at SAMYA. Even during this hard time we all are connected with our children. It gives me immense happiness that I could be a part of their DMT journey. I am learning new things everyday from all our extremely talented kids.
Thanks to God for blessing me by giving a chance to volunteer here under the supervision of this beautiful positive soul – Aditi di.
All my love to SAMYA!

A voice from our Interns

Moupikta Mukherjee
PhD scholar
Indian School of Mines
IIT Dhanbad

Researching in the field of disability studies, I have tried to explore how art based interventions effectively helps in ensuring a holistic development for individuals with developmental and intellectual challenges. My experiences at SAMYA Trust was one of a journey where I was allowed to directly interact and participate with the members staffs and children availing the therapeutic module, an exposure rarely provided by any other organization. The hands on training I received helped me understand several aspects of Autism, which can only be learned from experiences and not from any material knowledge.
I also appreciate that SAMYA practices a goal specific approach, where the objectives and requisites are dealt with clarity and expertise.
The endeavor of SAMYA TRUST will definitely create new avenues in the healing modalities practiced in the field of disability services.

Rashmi Maruvada
Law student
Damodaram sanjeevaya national law university vishakapatnam

I am Rashmi Maruvada, a law student. I interned with SAMYA trust in the month of December 2018.
It was an amazing experience interning with this organization. I was there for a very short period but i liked it so much that i want to work again with SAMYA but this time for a longer period. Thank you SAMYA for giving me this amazing experience which was full of learning and fun.