wake walk annual event

Wake and Walk

In celebration of World Autism Awareness Day a community walk is organized with involvement and help from the local community, Councillor of the local municipality, and SAMYA Foundation. Handbills with information about Autism and its identifying features are distributed among local people, including shopkeepers, rickshaw pullers, autorickshaw drivers, public transport personnel, common people by volunteers and parent volunteers and they are made to understand about Autism and other developmental disabilities, so that they develop compassion and empathy towards persons with disabilities. It helps to develop understanding and empathy. This endeavour has yielded promising results thereafter in the attitude of common people in those areas towards people with special needs. Each year we intend to select one locality and work towards it.
We have received immense support and love from people in this effort. The initiative was started by SAMYA Foundation with support from Sri Tarakeshwar Chakraborty, Chairman Borough -XI, Councillor Ward No-14, Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Kathamrit Udyaan, a big community park in Garfa area of South Kolkata has been allotted to SAMYA Foundation to organize such local awareness events with all its participants.