Workshops And Webinars

SAMYA FOUNDATION conducts workshops on the application of Dance and Movement Therapy on persons with Developmental Disabilities in different part of West Bengal and India.

List of NOTABLE workshops & WEBINARS

1. Apeejay School (For teachers) – May 2016
2. Autism Society West Bengal –June, August 2016
3. National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore – September, 2016             
4. Indian Institute of Management Kozikhode (IIMK)- December 2016, January, 2018   
5. Chinsurah SENSE Society- March, 2018
6. North Kolkata Association of Parents of Autistic Persons- June, 2018
7. Alokedhara School for Developmental Needs- July, 2018
8. APPA, Association of Parents of Persons with Autism- September, 2018
9. Aastha Child Developmental Center, Siliguri- October, 2018, January, 2020
10. Atrayudh Foundation, Alipore Duar- October, 2018
11. Shishumagal School for Special Needs- November, 2018
12. Feelings Society for Special Needs, Cochbehar- November, 2018                   
13. Yash Charitable Trust, Mumbai- December, 2018; July 2019                       
14. University of Calcutta, Faculty Refresher Course- January 2019, September 2019 
15. Noble Mission School for Special Needs- April, 2019 (CRE program)
16. Mentaid School for Special Needs- April, 2019 (CRE program)
17. Pratibha Cultural Center- June, 2019
18. Two days Foundation Course on SAMYA model of Dance and Movement Therapy at Yash Charitable Trust, Mumbai, July, 2019                                               
19. University of Calcutta, Faculty Refresher Course- September 2019               
20. Jadavpur University, Department of Disability Studies (as a part of an academic course)- November, 2019                                                             
21. SNDT University, Department of Special Education, Bandra, Mumbai- January, 2020
22. Bubbles Center for Autism, Bangalore- February, 2020
23. Pragati Center for Livelihood and Employment, Bangalore- February, 2020
24. Webinar with India Autism Center, Movements to build up Connection & Communication ( attended by 386 participants across the globe)- 28th April, 2020
25. Webinar with Kolkata Creativity Center, on Application of DMT in developmental differences- 16th May, 2020.                                                       
26. Webinar- New Norms- Survival of the Fittest (with a group of academicians in Mumbai)- 15th June, 2020                                                           
27- Webinar with Anubhav Positive Psychology Clinic on Profession related Stressors of Covid-19- 21st June, 2020
27. Webinar with Disha Digital School on ,Application of DMT in developing communication-27th June, 2020
28. SAMYA model of Dance and Movement Therapy has been a part of Parent training program of Bhavna Child Development Center, Kolkata- July, 2020, August 2020       
29. A webinar with Bratati Parampara on ‘ Covid-19 and Human mind’- 26th August, 2020
(SAMYA model of Dance and Movement Therapy is also regularly taught as ‘DMT in Special Needs’ as a part of the academic program of the Diploma program of Dance and Movement Therapy conducted collaboratively by Kolkata Sanved and Tata Institute of Social Sciences for their field based approach towards disabled community)
30. Invited speaker at a webinar by West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights (WBCPCR) to speak on, ‘ Education in post Covid times and Inclusive Education’
31. Invited speaker to speak about ‘ Disabilities and Covid’ at a webinar organised by Doctors for a Cause, West Bengal